By: James W. Pardew

The War in Afghanistan Was Never Working

As a diplomat and career Army intelligence officer, James Pardew could see as early as 2005 that the war in Afghanistan was not going as productively as the military brass was trying to sell it.... read more



By: Laurence M. Vance

Not One More Drop of Blood for Afghanistan

Critics of the withdrawal from Afghanistan have warned of negative consequences, including the worsening of conditions for the Kabul government. Do they weigh these as worth more than the lives of our soldiers?... read more



By: CST Editorial Board

No More Delays in Afghanistan Withdrawal, Says Chicago-Sun Times

Calling the war in Afghanistan "untenable," an editorial from the Chicago Sun-Times says we must do the only thing that makes sense and bring our troops home.... read more



By: Andrew Bacevich

What Afghanistan Can Teach Us About the Global War on Terror

The United States has been defeated in Afghanistan, writes ret. Col. Andrew Bacevich. This should teach us that our military cannot remake the world in our image, nor should it try.... read more



By: Matt Taibbi

A Conversation with a Disillusioned Soldier

Originally profiled in the NYT before his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, ret. U.S. Army Captain Adrian Bonenberger spoke to journalist Matt Taibbi about his disillusionment with the war, the announcement of the withdrawal, and his reflections a decade later.... read more



By: Ron Paul

March Out of Afghanistan, Says Ron Paul

President Biden has done a disservice to the American people and our soldiers by delaying the withdrawal from Afghanistan by four months, writes former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.... read more



By: Maureen Dowd

The Lesson America Must Learn from Afghanistan

After an unnecessary, two decade long, slow rolling defeat in Afghanistan, the United States must learn that there are consequences for irresponsible military campaigns and that the U.S. Constitution should be put before the ego of politicians.... read more



By: The American Legion

The American Legion Says Bring Our Troops Home

The American Legion, one of the finest veterans organizations in the country, has endorsed a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying after twenty years its time to end our "Forever War."... read more



By: Ryan Suppe

Sgt. Dan McKnight Reacts to the September Withdrawal Date for Afghanistan

On Tuesday, when it was first reported that the Biden administration would be delaying a military withdrawal from Afghanistan until September, the Idaho Press spoke with Sgt. Dan McKnight, founder of BringOurTroopsHome.US, to appraise his thoughts.... read more



By: Andrew J. Sciascia and Brett Kershaw

Delaying the Afghan Withdrawal Is a Mistake

The Western Journal interviews Sgt. Dan McKnight, founder of BringOurTroopsHome.US, about Joe Biden's postponement of the the withdrawal date from Afghanistan.... read more



By: Dan Berschinski

He Lost His Legs In Afghanistan, and Asks We Don't Let It Happen Again

As a U.S. Army Captain, Dan Berschinski lost both of his legs fighting in Afghanistan. More than a decade later, we're still there. He explains why this dishonors his sacrifice, and puts his fellow soldiers at unnecessary risk. ... read more



By: Bonnie Kristian

Our Only Mission in Iraq Should Be to Get Out

The United States ought to buck the constantly evolving mission in Iraq and finally make a full, permanent withdrawal. Eighteen years of war is more than enough.... read more



By: William Arkin

Bring Our Troops Home—and Trainers, and Contractors, and Special Forces Too

War has become endless because numbers and combat roles have become fungible, writes William Arkin in an excerpt of his forthcoming book. To bring our troops home, that means bringing all of them home.... read more



By: Hunter DeRensis

Book Review: Time to End the Global War on Terror

Our organization's communications director, Hunter DeRensis, reviews Scott Horton's newest book "Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism."... read more



By: Melissa Nann Burke

Michigan's Congressional Delegation Stands Up Against Forever War

Multiple representatives from Michigan, in both the House and Senate, are working to repeal the unconstitutional AUMFs that have given cover to our endless wars in the Middle East.... read more



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