"The American people have constantly been lied to."

John Sopko, Director, Office of the Special Inspector general on Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)
The Hill, Washington, D.C., December 9, 2019


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“You’ve got the power in Charleston [West Virginia] to say, ‘We will not permit our national guard to be federalized unless there’s a declaration of war.' They owe it to their citizens and their constituents to take care of them and protect them from things like that. And I would have their ass if they didn’t.”

Brig. Gen. John
Brig. Gen. John "Doc" Bahnsen

Decorated Vietnam War Hero

"We've heard so much about—for the last 40 years—support the troops. In those 40 years the way to support the troops was to bring them home from the war they were fighting and should not have been fighting. You've brought to my attention recently...a group called BringOurTroopsHome.US. Sounds very good to me."

Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel Ellsberg

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower

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