By: Anthony Leonardi

Trump to West Point graduates: 'It is not the duty of US troops to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands.'

President Trump told graduates of the United States Military Academy that it is not the role of the U.S. military to police the world.'... read more



By: The Coalition Talk Radio For Independent Minds

Idaho Republican Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin discusses War Powers, Defend The Guard, and BringOurTroopsHome.US

Radio Show Host Pat Ford, speaking in regards to Lt Gov Janice McGeachin, states, "A stunning Op-Ed in the Idaho Statesman came up in my digital research and it struck me first off after reading it...that somehow I had ran into digitally possibly THE most liberty-focused executive officer of any state here in the United States."... read more



By: George D. O’Neill Jr.

Make America Defend Itself Again

President Trump has, for decades, been consistent on the need to secure the border, rebuild American manufacturing and be clear-eyed about the dangers of communist China. ... read more



By: Lauren Meier

73% of vets support full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: Poll

Nearly three-quarters of veterans support a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, a new poll released Wednesday shows.... read more



By: Curtis Ellis

Some Problems Are Too Important to Leave to the Partisans

Bringing our troops home from foreign military adventures, ending our dependence on China for essential goods, building 21st-century infrastructure, protecting the rights and liberties of Americans from corporate-government-media power grabs—these are opportunities to find common ground, and that ground is not necessarily in the middle.... read more



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