By: Hunter DeRensis

Book Review: Time to End the Global War on Terror

Our organization's communications director, Hunter DeRensis, reviews Scott Horton's newest book "Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism."... read more



By: Melissa Nann Burke

Michigan's Congressional Delegation Stands Up Against Forever War

Multiple representatives from Michigan, in both the House and Senate, are working to repeal the unconstitutional AUMFs that have given cover to our endless wars in the Middle East.... read more



By: Rebecca Kheel

Veterans Groups Join BringOurTroopsHome.US in Letter to Biden on Afghanistan

A coalition of veterans and military advocacy organizations joined BringOurTroopsHome.US in writing a letter to President Joe Biden imploring him to withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1.... read more



By: Pat Alviso

Letter to the Editor: How a Spineless Congress Caused Our Problems

In a new letter to the editor at the Los Angeles Times, Pat Alviso of Long Beach, California writes about how Congress has irresponsibly hid behind AUMFs instead of directing U.S. foreign policy.... read more



By: Daniel L. Davis

Our Mission in Iraq is Purposeless

Keeping thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, without purpose, direction, or effect, damages U.S. national security says ret. Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis.... read more



By: Doug Bandow

Joe Biden's Dreadful Afghan Policy

In a comprehensive article, the Cato Institute's Doug Bandow explains how Joe Biden's extension of the war in Afghanistan and breaking of the withdrawal timetable will endanger the lives of U.S. troops and harm our national security.... read more



By: Charles C. W. Cooke

Our Republic Needs a House Cleaning

An open-ended, never-ending authorization from Congress to the Executive is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and the duty of a republican ethos, argues an op-ed in National Review.... read more



By: John Feffer

The "Forever War" Is Bigger Than You Thought

The United States has 50,000 soldiers stationed in the Middle East, as only a fraction of the 220,000 troops across the world. Ending our endless wars, and the empire that enables them, is a bigger question than most people think.... read more



By: Sarah Kreps and Douglas Kriner

Don't Let Your Friends Be Ambivalent About Afghanistan

While a majority of Americans, and a supermajority of veterans, support withdrawal from Afghanistan, most voters remain ignorant of the full costs of the war--financially, physically, and spiritually. Help remind them why we must bring our troops home.... read more



By: Adam Weinstein

Don't Let Superficial AUMF Reform Distract From Ending Our Endless Wars

As Congress and the White House debate reforming the Global War on Terror's Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs), we must remember that unless reforms end our endless wars they amount to a hill of beans.... read more



By: Victor Davis Hanson

To Fix Pentagon PR, We Must End Our Endless Wars

The Pentagon and its generals increasingly have a negative (and correct) connotation of being influenced and guided by the miltiary-industrial complex and private profit over public good. To change course, we must end our endless wars and bring our troops home.... read more



By: Jared Golden

Rep. Jared Golden (R-ME) Asks President Biden to Bring Our Troops Home

Rep. Jared Golden of Maine, a signer of our Congressional War Powers Pledge, writes in a new op-ed that President Biden ought to keep with the May 1 withdrawal date and bring our troops home from a pointless war in Afghanistan.... read more



By: Richard Fein

Nothing to Gain and Everything to Lose by Staying in Afghanistan

After two decades of fighting, and two trillion dollars spent, a simple cost-benefit comparison cannot justify a continued military occupation of Afghanistan.... read more



By: Jack Goldsmith and Samuel Moyn

Ending the AUMFs Isn't Enough, We Have to End the Wars

As Congress debates limiting or repealing the Authorizations for Use of Military Force, it's important to remember that until we dismantle the empire's global military footprint, our endless wars are likely to continue.... read more



By: Charles A. Kupchan and Douglas Lute

General Lute: Treat Afghanistan Likes Its 2021, Not 2001

Ret. Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute and Processor Charles Kupchan explain why it's imperative that the U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1, and why conditions in 2021 are secure enough to not require military occupation.... read more



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