By: The Wire

Combat Vet Writes Open Letter to North Carolina Legislature, Says Pass 'Defend the Guard'

Allen Chesser, a North Carolina combat veteran, wrote an open letter lobbying his state to pass 'Defend the Guard' legislation and place constitutional limitations on our endless wars.... read more



By: Pat Buchanan

To Whom Does America Owe War Guarantees?

In his newest columnist, author and former presidential advisor Pat Buchanan asks how much longer the United States must maintain seventy-year old alliance structures that no longer serve the American national interest.... read more



By: Stewart Jones

Why States Must Lead the Fight Against Our Endless Wars

In a new op-ed, State Rep. Stewart Jones (R-SC) explains why action to bring our troops home must take place at the state level, and the most effective method is passing 'Defend the Guard' legislation.... read more



By: Jacob G. Hornberger

How Our Endless Wars Facilitate Veteran Suicide

A permanent war footing, implemented through multiple overseas combat deployments, takes a physical psychological toil on our men and women in uniform. Our endless wars exacerbate the crisis of veteran suicide.... read more



By: Luke Broadwater

Liz Cheney's Archenemy Elected to U.S. Senate

Cynthia Lummis, a liberty-minded conservative from Wyoming, will be entering the U.S. Senate next month. She knows it's time to put an end to our endless wars.... read more



By: BringOurTroopsHome.US

RELEASE: Afghan War Veteran Ben Adams Takes Oath For Idaho House Seat

Freshman Rep. Ben Adams of Nampa, Idaho has taken his oath of office to join the Idaho House of Representatives, and has pledged to support the goals of BringOurTroopsHome.US... read more



By: Hunter DeRensis

WATCH: Why a Laura Ingraham Interview Inflamed Pro-War Liberals

A cordial interview between Laura Ingraham and Congressman Ro Khanna over foreign policy has incensed liberal advocates of our forever wars.... read more



By: Gil Barndollar

Leaving Afghanistan: An Achieveable and Practical Solution

Despite the protests and hand-wringing of hawks, the truth is that a safe and practical withdrawal from Afghanistan could be accomplished within a matter of weeks. ... read more



By: Staff Reports

BringOurTroopsHome.US Praises Senator Josh Hawley on Afghanistan Withdrawal

The local news outlet of Jacksonville, Texas reports on our organization's praise for Senator Josh Hawley's (R-MO) open letter of support for President Trump's planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. ... read more



By: Dan McKnight

President Trump is Putting An End to Our Foreign Policy Shell Games

Instead of using his lame duck period to pardon friends, Donald Trump is using his last months and office to end the longest war in American history--despite the opposition of the national security state.... read more



By: Market Research Foundation

POLL: Young People Overwhelmingly Support An America First Foreign Policy

A new poll and analysis conducted by the Market Research Foundation shows that Generation Z--people in their late teens and early twenties--overwhelmingly opposed further military intervention abroad and instead want a foreign policy that puts the American national interest first.... read more



By: Scott Shackford

Love Trump or Hate Him, Leaving Afghanistan Puts America First

The polarizing politics surrounding Donald Trump shouldn't get in the way of good policy; both Republicans and Democrats agree that a military withdrawal from Afghanistan is beneficial to the United States.... read more



By: Sarah Lazare

One Third of Joe Biden's Defense Transition Team Is Bankrolled By Weapons Manufacturers

Out of twenty-three people assigned to President-elect Joe Biden's Department of Defense agency review team--meant to transition him into the White House--at least eight of them were recieving large cash endowments from the arms industry in their most recent employment.... read more



By: Daniel L. Davis

There's Nothing 'Precipitous' About Ending A 19-Year-Old War

Ret. Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis explains how there has been months of preparation by the Pentagon for a full military withdrawal from Afghanistan, and why the top brass is obliged to obey the orders of their Commander in Chief.... read more



By: Dan McKnight

RELEASE: Senator Josh Hawley Endorses President Trump's Afghanistan Withdrawal

BringOurTroopsHome.US is praising Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) for his bold letter to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, who is supporting President Donald Trump’s plan for a prompt withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. ... read more



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