By: Barbara Starr

Inspector General John Sopko's Final Lessons About Afghanistan

John Sopko, Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, gives his final lessons about the abysmal U.S. performance at nation-building as American troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.... read more



By: J. D. Tuccille

Public Indifference Helps the War Party

A majority of Americans don't follow news stories about the war in Afghanistan, and likely other theaters of the Global War on Terror. The War Party benefits from this kind of indifference.... read more



By: Dave DeCamp

We're Staying In Syria, Says Biden Admin

A senior administration official has said that the U.S. plans to continue it's illegal military mission in Syria for the remainder of Biden's presidency.... read more



By: Doug Bandow

Afghanistan Is China's Problem Now

As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, more responsability will fall on its neighbors, like China, to encourage stability and expend resources on the chaotic nation.... read more



By: Lexi Lonas

Congress Declines to Reimburse National Guard Following DC Deployment

Congress has declined to reimburse the National Guard the $521 million it spent during its months long deployment to Washington DC leading to a decline of readiness.... read more



By: Rebecca Bergus

Letter to the Editor: Repeal the AUMF Against Iraq

A letter to The Gazette in Iowa says that we should repeal the 2002 AUMF against Iraq and bring our troops home.... read more



By: Tim Reid

Three Marines reflect on the War in Afghanistan

Reuters spoke with three Marine veterans of the War in Afghanistan who agree with a majority of their fellows that the war was not worth it.... read more



By: Patrick Cockburn

Where Did All Our Money Go?

The nation of Afghanistan is too complex, proud, and corrupt to have been worth the $2.3 trillion investment spent on a two-decade war.... read more



By: Daniel L. Davis

America Lost in Nation-Building

The twenty-year war in Afghanistan was plagued by an inability to accept victory conditions when presented. That is why the objective turned into nation-building.... read more



By: Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan: 'Afghanistan Was Never a Vital Interest'

In his weekly column, author and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan describes the failure of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan, and why nation-building was a mistake from the beginning.... read more



By: John Byrnes

Pro-War Veteran: 'I Must Admit I Was Wrong'

John Byrnes, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a New York Army National Guardsman, wrote in support of the Global War on Terror back in the mid-2000s. Now he's back to say he was wrong.... read more



By: Paul Gosar

Rep. Paul Gosar: Fighting Forever Wars Doesn't Put America First

In a new op-ed, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona explains his vote to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Force against Iraq and his support for repealing the 2001 AUMF as well and bringing our troops home.... read more



By: Ron Paul

Ron Paul: So Went Vietnam, So Goes Afghanistan

As U.S. troops departed the Bagram Air Base, former congressman and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul compares the failure to remake Afghanistan in America's image to the pitfalls of the Vietnam War.... read more



By: Richard Engel, Courtney Kube, Marc Smith and Adela Suliman

We're Coming Home; U.S. Soldiers Depart Bagram Air Base

U.S. soldiers have withdrawn from the largest military base in Afghanistan, Bagram, once a bustling transit hall of over 100,000 troops.... read more



By: Daniel DePetris

Squawking Hawks Cry About Withdrawal

As our military withdrawal from Afghanistan proceeds, hawks keep squawking that the U.S. must keep a permanent troop contingent in country. These people aren't living in reality.... read more



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