By: Daniel L. Davis

General Milley's Attempted Coup

By going behind the president's back to inform a foreign government, General Mark Milley undermined civil-military relations and must be relieved of duty immediately.... read more



By: Jeff Schogol

Americans Need Answers on Afghanistan, Not Secrecy

For twenty years successive administrations and military leaders have kept operations in Afghanistan under wraps. Now, after our withdrawal, we deserve to know what happened.... read more



By: Matt Purple

The Cartoonish Absurdity of Lindsey Graham

The warmongering senator from South Carolina has spent 20 years dishing out phony scenarios and inflated threats to justify his interventionism. ... read more



By: Aaron Mate

Like Afghanistan, the War Party Is Lying About Syria

Just as the War Party fabricated excuses for staying in Afghanistan, they are lying about why U.S. forces are still stationed in Syria.... read more



By: Lloyd Handler

Letter to the Editor: Don't Whitewash the Invasion of Iraq

A resident of Los Angeles writes in response to a recent article that is dismissive about the invasion and occupation of Iraq.... read more



By: Eric Brakey

Repeal the 2001 AUMF and End the War in Afghanistan for Good

Our endless wars don't end with troops withdrawals, they end when Congress repeals the unconstitutional AUMFs that attempt to justify them.... read more



By: Brian Almon

Was the War in Afghanistan A Mortal Wound to America?

A rich, extended essay on U.S. foreign policy since World War II, American intervention in Afghanistan, its goals, failures, and whether or not the republic can recover from such a wound.... read more



By: John W. Whitehead

Bring ALL the Troops Home

A global empire of military bases is bankrupting the United States. We must bring our troops home from around the world and begin putting America First.... read more



By: Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter: We're Not the World's Policeman

Arch-conservative commenator praises President Joe Biden for bucking the military establishment and successfully withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan.... read more



By: Hunter DeRensis

Endless War Has Made Our Soldiers Lose Faith

More active duty soldiers are voicing complaints about how their military leadership functions and reject accountability for their mistakes in the Global War on Terror.... read more



By: Stephen Wertheim

Only Congress Can Declare War

Despite the growth of the Executive Branch over the past seventy years, the U.S. Constitution still states that only Congress has the power to declare war. To course correct American foreign policy we must return this authority to the people's elected representatives.... read more



By: Will Bardenwerper

Who Do We Hold Accountable?

As we look back on twenty years of poor leadership in Afghanistan and our other endless wars, how do we hold leaders accountable to their errors? Will anyone be punished?... read more



By: Jim Lobe

Three Major News Networks Devoted Only Five Minutes to Afghanistan in 2020

CBS, ABC, and NBC are responsible for a major dereliction of duty, only covering the war in Afghanistan for a total of five minutes in the entire year of 2020.... read more



By: Scott Shackford

SIGAR, Unsung Hero of the Afghan War

For thirteen years one government agency, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, has been entirely truthful about the disaster of nation-building and the failures of the war in Afghanistan.... read more



By: Matt Taibbi

The Rinse and Repeat Cycle of U.S. Foreign Policy

Afghanistan is one example of larger phenominon, where the U.S. government repeatedly makes the same mistakes when attempting to wrestle with foreign problems.... read more



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