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October 22, 2020

Call for an Immediate End to the War

Call for an Immediate End to the War

The national veterans’ organization, Bring Our Troops Home, will hold a commemoration ceremony today at 12:00 noon eastern in honor of the men and women who have fought in the 19-year war in Afghanistan.  There will be calls for an immediate end to the war.  Speakers will call on the President to withdraw U.S. military forces from the Mid-East and drastically reduce American military involvement around the globe.

The event will be held at the Oakland Cemetery in West Chester, Pennsylvania at the grave-side of Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler.  Butler, who died in 1940, was one of America’s greatest warriors, twice receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He became a staunch advocate for blocking “wars of convenience.”  His pamphlet, War is a Racket, is a strong denunciation of what President Eisenhower termed the “military-industrial complex.”

The ceremony can be viewed via live streaming at:
Facebook Live – Here
YouTube – Here

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