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June 22, 2020
Video Exposes Hagerty Ties
Conservative Outsiders PAC releases video in email blitz

The Conservative Outsiders’ PAC today released the first of a series of video presentations that focus on the tie U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty has with liberal special interests inside the GOP inner circles.  The video was sent today to over 300,000 Republican activists and supporters throughout Tennessee.

            “Bill Hagerty has a track record of extreme ties to the most liberal elements inside the Republican Party,” said PAC Executive Director W.F. Hillman.  “From Lamar Alexander to Mitt Romney, Bill Hagerty has been a cog in the anti-conservative attack machine.  He may try to hide his slavish record of support for the Romney-wing, but we intend to make certain that all Tennessee voters learn exactly where he stands,” he concluded.

            The video can be viewed on the PAC website,  The email campaign will deliver the video directly to the core of the GOP in Tennessee. 

            PAC plans for the future include additional video releases, advertising on all platforms and, as permitted, on ground operations. 


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