Release-Editorial in Support of Defend the Guard Act Major Aid in Enactment of legislation

February 7, 2020
Editorial in Support of Defend the Guard Act Major Aid in Enactment of Legislation
Call for Congress to Meet its Obligation and Abide by the Constitution

BOISE – Sergeant Dan McKnight, Chairman of Bring Our Troops Home, has sent all editorial page editors in the country a copy of the Dominion Post editorial in Morgantown, West Virginia that calls for the enactment of legislation by that state’s legislature to require a formal declaration of war before the West Virginia National Guard is deployed into combat.

Similar legislation has been introduced in eight states and as many as a dozen more are considering introduction.  A copy of the bill in West Virginia, introduced by Delegate Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock), is attached.

“It’s obvious that Congress has abdicated its duty to declare war, ceding absolute power to the president, who in turn has abused his authority over Guard units,” states the editorial.

“That thought is not just directed at President Trump but at every Democratic and Republican administration since at least the 1950s, that have all engaged in this abuse of the Guard’s members and their families for too long.”

For more information on the Defend the Guard Act: DefendTheGuard.US

For more information of the growing movement to end the cycle of endless war: BringOurTroopsHome.US 


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