Liz Cheney Has No Role In A Future GOP

By: Hunter DeRensis

Beyond government, the creative destruction brought by the Trump presidency in conservative circles has given a new lease on life to restrainers long excluded from the Beltway’s incestuous institutions. That includes the continued ascension of publications like The American Conservative, which has become a wheelhouse for the most important foreign policy conversations happening on the right; Tucker Carlson, whose program has become the highest rated in cable news history, no doubt aided by his antiwar opening monologues; the Quincy Institute, which is dragging other think tanks kicking and screaming into dialogues about shifting U.S. positioning overseas; and activist organizations like BringOurTroopsHome.US, a collection of right-of-center veterans who are lobbying to end the country’s unconstitutional wars.

The American empire was formed over the course of a century, and currently encompasses over 850 overseas military bases. Hundreds of billions of dollars are exchanged every year through facets of the military-industrial complex, while thousands of very powerful people make their cushy salaries off the current imperialistic system (and will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way).

One election was never going to change that. Donald Trump was never going to be a miracle worker. But he’s kicked in the door and let us in, even if we wish he’d tidied up better before he left.

We have principled leaders in government. We have the infrastructure. And most importantly, we have the voters. Liz Cheney and her misbegotten hangers-on may not realize it yet, but their heyday has long past. It’s our party now and we’re going to bring America home.

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