Press Release – Veterans Group Calls on Rep. Miller-Meeks to Oppose Liz Cheney

February 2, 2021
 Veterans Group Calls on Miller-Meeks to Fight Endless Wars
We Demand She Return Campaign Donations to Liz Cheney

(Boise, Idaho) — Dan McKnight, Chairman of BringOurTroopsHome.US, has called on Representative Miller-Meeks to take concrete action to end America’s cycle of endless wars by pledging to vote to remove Liz Cheney from a top Republican leadership position. McKnight further demanded that Miller-Meeks return money given to her by Cheney’s Political Action Committee.

“Representative Cheney is the chief booster for the military-industrial complex that has doomed America into a series of needless and destructive wars,” wrote McKnight. “The cycle of war for profit and to advance the globalist agenda must come to an end. Removing Cheney from any position of leadership is a good start.”

BringOurTroopsHome.US is an organization of veterans and allies who have for the past two years worked to end U.S. involvement in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria sought a change in American foreign policy away from an automatic impulse for military intervention. The organization has active members in all 50 states and has sponsored conferences as well as state-based legislation.

“While removing Cheney is essential, ending her influence bought with the blood of American military personnel must also come to an end. To that end, I call on you to return the $2,500 you have taken from Cheney’s so-called ‘Cowboy PAC.’ It is not enough to oppose the endless wars out of one side of your mouth while taking money from the war-advocate cabal on the other,” continued McKnight. 

A movement to remove Cheney from her position of Conference Chair, the third-highest leadership position among House Republicans, has been growing since she became the only member of leadership to vote to impeach President Donald Trump. As one of only ten Republicans to do so, Cheney did not inform the Conference of her decision.

“The facts could not be more-clear. Cheney blindsided the GOP Conference with her vote against President Trump out of pure petulance and because of his efforts to bring American troops home from foreign wars. She is in the pocket of a military-industrial complex that routinely puts profits ahead of American interests and has shown no regard for the suffering of U.S. service personnel or their families. Representative Miller-Meeks needs to stand with the people of her district and not the War-Pushers and their mouthpiece,” concluded McKnight.

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