Press Release – Media Advisory on “Defend the Guard” Legislation

March 5, 2021
 Interview Availability on Texas “Defend the Guard” Legislation

Dear Program Director:

Texas this week became the 18th state to introduce legislation that would prohibit your state’s National Guard units from being mobilized and deployed to combat duty overseas unless Congress has first fulfilled its constitutional responsibility to formally approve a declaration of war.

The purpose of the legislation is to (1) help end America’s now two-decade old involvement in other countries’ civil wars in Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia, which have cost the U.S. over 7,000 lives and trillions of dollars, and (2) reassert state control over state National Guard units that are needed here at home to fulfill their constitutionally-defined duty to quell civil unrest, suppress invasions or insurrections, and respond to natural disasters such as COVID-19, floods, and hurricanes.

Public opinion polls indicate overwhelming and growing support among military personnel and their families, veterans, and the public at large for ending our endless wars and bringing our troops home, a sentiment we believe you’ll agree is shared by many residents of Texas, including in your audience. (Read news release linked below.)

The following individuals are available to appear as a guest on any news/talk or public affairs program you broadcast to speak in favor of the legislation:

* Sgt. Dan McKnight, an Afghanistan veteran with the Army National Guard, former Marine, active duty soldier, and founder of BringOurTroopsHome.US, a nationwide coalition of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans and allies that is promoting the legislation in state legislatures across the country. Contact Dan at 208-917-3507 or by e-mail at

*Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-District 2), sponsor of House Bill 2701, the “Defend the Guard” legislation. Contact Rep. Slaton at 512-463-0880 or by e-mail at or his Chief of Staff Andrew McVeigh at

For background information, click here for our news release announcing BringOurTroopsHome.US’ support of Rep. Slaton’s legislation.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hunter DeRensis, Communications Director

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