Veterans Groups Join BringOurTroopsHome.US in Letter to Biden on Afghanistan

By: Rebecca Kheel

A coalition of advocacy groups for veterans and military families from across the political spectrum is calling on President Biden to adhere to a May 1 deadline to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

In a letter to Biden on Tuesday, the nine organizations argued the May 1 deadline “presents the best opportunity any president over the past twenty years has faced to end America’s longest ever war.”

“On behalf of our membership and veterans across the country who have answered the call to serve our country, we urge you to honor the sacrifices our troops and their families are willing to make on America’s behalf by not asking our women and men in uniform to remain entangled in a conflict with no clear military mission or path to victory,” the groups wrote in the letter obtained by The Hill. “Our members are proud of their service, but they know it is long past time for America to come home from Afghanistan.”

The letter was signed by groups ranging from the conservative Concerned Veterans for America to the liberal Common Defense. Other signatories include the Secure Families Initiative, Continue to Serve, the Modern Military Association of America, Veterans for American Ideals, Bring Our Troops Home, the Association of the United States Navy and High Ground Veterans Advocacy.


In their letter to Biden, the veterans and military groups argued that “delaying the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will keep our troops in harm’s way and provoke needless further bloodshed, for an unclear mission that is not necessary to keep America and Americans safe.”

The organizations also argued any remaining counter-terrorism objectives “can be met without ongoing military presence in Afghanistan.”

They also cited January polling commissioned by Concerned Veterans for America that found 67 percent support among veterans for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

“Withdrawing from Afghanistan is what the overwhelming majority of the American people have wanted for years,” they wrote. “As our Commander-in-Chief, you can bring the war in Afghanistan to a close, or prolong the unnecessary loss, sacrifice and diversion it causes from more important strategic challenges.”

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