Delegate Pat McGeehan to Reintroduce ‘Defend the Guard’ in West Virginia

By: Joselyn King

[Delegate Patrick] McGeehan also plans for the seventh straight year to introduce this session his “Defend the Guard” legislation. The bill would prohibit West Virginia’s governor from sending the state’s National Guard troops overseas into battle when no war has been declared by Congress.

Past years have seen the legislation stalled in committee, win and lose on discharge votes, and fall victim to tie votes in the House.

This year he said there will be more conservatives filling the chairs on the House floor, and he is cautiously optimistic this should bode well for the legislation.

McGeehan also has often ran afoul of Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay, forcing him to be removed from committee assignments at times.

McGeehan said his relationship with Hanshaw has improved since the pandemic began in the spring.
“By necessity, ever since the pandemic set in in March, I believe I have a decent relationship with him now, and I think he would agree with that,” McGeehan said. “I don’t think he will stand in the way.”

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