Leadership Classes


For weeks my team has been working diligently on writing and perfecting the best activism school in the United States.

Our plan is to host one-day, intensive classes in states across the country, training thousands of patriots how to kick butt and take names in politics, starting this summer.

Attendees will learn grassroots activism, confrontational politics, and how to be influential in your local community—just in time for the midterm election this November.

Most importantly, they’ll become experts on Defend the Guard and have all the knowledge they need about how to push these crucial bills.

If you’re not 100% committed to bringing our troops home from these endless wars, keep on surfing.

I don’t need people with half-hearted convictions showing up to an event reserved only for principled constitutionalists.

If you want to take the fight to the swamp and join the most intensive activism school in the U.S. by filling out the form below. Unable to attend a class? You can still help! For every $50 donated we are able to provide 8 hours of high level training to excited activists. Click here to sponsor an activist (or two).

-Sgt. Dan McKnight
Chairman, Bring Our Troops Home