By: Scott Shackford

SIGAR, Unsung Hero of the Afghan War

For thirteen years one government agency, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, has been entirely truthful about the disaster of nation-building and the failures of the war in Afghanistan.... read more



By: Matt Taibbi

The Rinse and Repeat Cycle of U.S. Foreign Policy

Afghanistan is one example of larger phenominon, where the U.S. government repeatedly makes the same mistakes when attempting to wrestle with foreign problems.... read more



By: Daniel McCarthy

Knocking Over the Potemkin Village of Afghanistan

Our foreign policy of endless war is encased in a maze of Potemkin villages and cardboard obstacles. To forge an America First foreign policy we must be willing to tear down the deceptions.... read more



By: Daniel L. Davis

Why the Afghan Army Crumbled

How does a 300,000 man army crumble in a matter of weeks after twenty years of training? Ret. Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis explains the rampant corruption that U.S. military planners have been aware of the whole time.... read more



By: Dave DeCamp

President Biden: No Regrets on Afghanistan Withdrawal

When asked at a recent press conference, President Joe Biden made clear he has no regrets about deciding to withdraw from the war in Afghanistan.... read more



By: Gil Barndollar

If President Biden Wants to End the Forever War, He Must Act Soon

As the military withdrawal from Afghanistan is completed, does President Biden have any intention of ending the rest of the Global War on Terror?... read more



By: Michael A. Cohen

The Systemic Failure of Our Endless Wars

American failure in Afghanistan is not the responsability of a lone public official or just one political party. It is representative of a failure of the system, and our foreign policy of endless war.... read more



By: Bonnie Kristian

The Sunk Costs of Afghanistan

When the War Party insists the war in Afghanistan could have been successful with a little more time, money, or lives lost, they're missing the point — the war was unwinnable.... read more



By: Catie Edmondson

Sen. Josh Hawley and Other Republicans Back AUMF Repeal

Sen. Josh Hawley and other Republicans of recent vintage want to put America First, repeal outdated and unconstitutional AUMFs, and bring our troops home from these endless wars in the Middle East.... read more



By: Daniel L. Davis

Deterring Iran Means Coming Home From Iraq

Keeping 2,500 U.S. troops in Iraq does not benefit American security, but puts them in striking range of Iran. ... read more



By: Michael Keller

Afghanistan Isn't the Only 'Endless War'

The failure of the war in Afghanistan is a continuation of the American habit of engaging in endless wars post-World War II.... read more



By: Barbara Starr

Inspector General John Sopko's Final Lessons About Afghanistan

John Sopko, Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, gives his final lessons about the abysmal U.S. performance at nation-building as American troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.... read more



By: J. D. Tuccille

Public Indifference Helps the War Party

A majority of Americans don't follow news stories about the war in Afghanistan, and likely other theaters of the Global War on Terror. The War Party benefits from this kind of indifference.... read more



By: Dave DeCamp

We're Staying In Syria, Says Biden Admin

A senior administration official has said that the U.S. plans to continue it's illegal military mission in Syria for the remainder of Biden's presidency.... read more



By: Doug Bandow

Afghanistan Is China's Problem Now

As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, more responsability will fall on its neighbors, like China, to encourage stability and expend resources on the chaotic nation.... read more



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