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As Veterans, we have volunteered to serve our nation, placed our lives in front of our countrymen and women in defense of liberty, and protected the Constitution of the United States of America. To that end:

1. We believe the defense of this nation against military invasion, subversive acts, and terrorist aggression is a proper Constitutional power and responsibility of the federal government. To provide for the common defense, the government is authorized to raise, support, and fund armies, declare war, and enter into treaties. Each of these functions is clearly enumerated by the Constitution to specific branches of our government, and we should demand they uphold those duties.

2. We believe that a modern and efficient military is vital to our national survival. The military should be capable of prompt and overwhelming response to any attack on the United States or our citizens. We favor reasonable Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Space Force powers -- including anti-ballistic missile defenses -- suitable to detect and decisively counter any strategic threat.

3. We believe in foreign military action ONLY upon a Declaration of War by Congress in the face of a clear and imminent threat as prescribed in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution.

4. We believe that before our military men and women are sent to fight in a properly declared war, there must be a clear strategy for entrance into and conclusion of any foreign engagement. There must be a definable goal that constitutes victory and is followed by prompt return of our military to the United States.

5. We oppose the exercise of the executive War Powers Act absent a declaration of war, EXCEPT in the face of an immediate and direct threat to the United States. We oppose any treaty or international agreement that puts American troops under the control or authority of any other executive or administrative power.

6. We believe in active state support of National Guard service as an essential component of national defense.

7. We believe the National Guard is for the defense of the United States of America. The states control the National Guard and their mission is clearly defined in the Militia Clause of the U.S. Constitution -- Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 -- which states that the National Guard/Militia can be called forth to "execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions."  We therefore support "Defend The Guard" legislation in each state requiring that Congress must declare war BEFORE the National Guard can be released from the state’s service to "active duty combat," which is universally agreed upon to mean (a) participation in an armed conflict; (b) performance of a hazardous service in a foreign state; or (c) performance of a duty through an instrumentality of war.

8. We believe that the best military must be composed of those who voluntarily assume the restrictions and burdens of military service in defense of the nation and the principles of the Constitution. We therefore oppose any mandatory draft registration or conscription.

9. We believe in the individual American citizen’s rights as defined by the Constitution, including the freedom to assemble to form movements or demonstrations, the freedom of the press to hold each of us accountable, and the right to keep and bear arms as the ultimate reserve for repelling invasion or tyranny.

We have raised our hand and sworn an Oath to protect and defend our Nation and the Constitution of the United States. Our beliefs are entrenched in that glorious document that we voluntarily defend with our lives. It is our sacred honor and duty to demand that our elected Congressional leaders properly declare war and put their name on the line, before they ask American soldiers to put their boots on the ground.